The evening of February 7, 2024, Bill C-332, An Act to amend the Criminal Code (controlling or coercive conduct), was read the second time in the House of Commons and referred to the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights.

This parliamentary committee will study the law in depth, and may recommend changes. Typically, the committee will hold hearings, so organizations and individuals can comment on the bill, and they may also invite officials and experts to answer questions.

While some members have changed, the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights is the same committee that published The Shadow Pandemic: Stopping Coercive and Controlling Behaviour in Intimate Relationships in 2021. That multi-party report recommended a study of a coercive control offense and measures to support increased understanding of coercive control, including public awareness campaigns and training for judicial system actors, such as police, lawyers, and judges.

It’s time to stand with the the countless victims this law will protect: pass Bill C-332 today!

The Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights

What You Can Do

1. Write the Committee considering Bill C-332 to share your support. 

  • The contact information for the Committee can be found here
  • To get you started, consider using this form letter and personalize it to share your own views and experiences. 
  • Is your MP on the Committee? Address the letter to them directly and make sure to let them know that you are a voter in their riding!

2. Speak out!

  • Share your views on social media, using the hashtags #JUST #CriminalizeCoerciveControl and #C332 to ensure your voice is heard. 
  • Advocate within your network and help address their questions about the law. You can learn more about coercive control here
  • Have questions about the law you need help with? Email us and we’ll get the experts to answer. 

3. Follow the Bill’s progress.

You can read our blog and follow @HoCCommittees on X (hashtag JUST) to read the latest developments.