Who we are

With innovation as our cornerstone, we work to make a difference one life at a time through intervention and prevention work. Our capacity-building workshops focus on educating all members of society about abuse to help make us all better at recognizing, responding to, and preventing abuse. We also concentrate on making large-scale social change through collective impact as the backbone organization for the Calgary Domestic Violence Collective and IMPACT, a collective working to eradicate domestic and sexual violence in Alberta.

Sagesse is uniquely positioned to disrupt the structure of domestic abuse.

Our values

What we do

How we work

Blueprint for Change

Our values humble us and keep us grounded in the reality that changing social norms and behaviours is an audacious goal – one that requires tenacity and laser-beam focus.

We make a difference  through prevention and intervention work, and also work to make large-scale societal change through education, collective impact, and advocacy.

We believe that we need to be innovative in disrupting the structures of abuse. 

Our Blueprint for Change reflects our thinking about the causal linkages between domestic abuse and other issues and what conditions need to be in place to create actual change.