Equity is just and fair inclusion into a society in which we can all can participate, prosper and reach our full potential.  

At Sagesse, we believe it is up to each one of us to decide what our potential is and what participation and prosperity looks like for ourselves.  We also believe it is our obligation to take a lived experience approach to equity that shows that equity is in the eye of the beholder.  Equity is centered in each individuals’ persons experiences.  

Sagesse's equity as a practice model

At Sagesse we believe that equity revolves around each person’s individual needs and circumstance.  We have adopted equity as a practice model.  

Equity is not fairness. 

Equity does not mean that everyone receives the same thing, whether that be treatment, assistance, talents, etc. Equality is everyone getting a pair of shoes, while equity means that everyone gets shoes that fit.  

We have to build towards equity. It takes both people using their privileges and others using their experiences to truly create an equitable experience.

We are deliberate in putting equity into practice. It’s a bespoke way of engaging with all our clients, partners, volunteers, and vendors. The impact of this model of practice is seen in the outcomes reported from our stakeholders throughout their engagement in our agency.  People see better results when they are uniquely engaged with what they want or need, versus being provided what we think they should want or need based on their background, social grouping or life experiences.

Equity as a practice model is about being more than a label. It’s about infusing every part of our work with the belief that everyone benefits when equity is the focus and value.