At Sagesse, our values are everything.

They guide us in how we approach our work, the choices we make and the way we show up – each and every day. Our values humble us and keep us grounded in the reality that changing social norms and behaviours is an audacious goal – one that requires tenacity and laser-beam focus.


We are compelled to create space for connections, creativity and ideas – regardless of our individual beliefs and ideals. To us, it’s about showing up and saying what needs to be said, even when it’s uncomfortable. 


We lean into the discomfort that comes with practicing with authenticity and living wholeheartedly.


We believe that in order to make sense of the world, we need to look a little harder and dig a little deeper.

Trust in the messiness

Our work is framed in a series of constellations, which are non-linear and continually evolving (some would say messy). Yet we trust in this and the fact that our clients, volunteers, partners, and ourselves, are exactly where we need to be – and we work from there.