At Sagesse, we believe that we need to be innovative in disrupting the structures of abuse.  All of our programs, initiatives and structure are based on research, data, and exploration.  We harness research to innovate and improve our programs and initiatives over and over again. This ongoing work, combined with our core values and our lived experiences allow us to broadly advocate for and create the small and large-scale changes needed to completely eradicate violence in our lifetimes.  

We think about things differently.

How we understand abuse

With innovation as our cornerstone, we work to make a difference through intervention, prevention, and peer support programs.

Coercive control

Our capacity-building workshops focus on educating all members of society about violence to help make us all better at recognizing, responding to, and preventing violence.

How we understand sex work

A large, often unrecognized component of violence is coercive control. This is a pattern of behaviour used to regulate and dominate another person’s daily life.

Equity as a practice model

Equity is just and fair inclusion into a society in which we can all can participate, prosper and reach our full potential.


To us, innovation is a mindset. It’s about taking a close look at our current practices, acknowledging and recognizing that something needs to change and trying to change it.

Collective impact

We work together with other organizations, systems, and individuals in the province to make large-scale social change, uproot violence, change discourse and eradicate violence in our province.