Peer support groups and mentorship are for women who have experienced domestic violence, are at risk of being abused, or women involved in sex work. Our programs are facilitated by peers so that there is no power differential.

Programs are available in Calgary and in many rural communities across Alberta. Contact us for more information or to register.

For more information please register online.

This unique peer support program is open to anyone who is looking to connect with someone for support due to being impacted by domestic violence. Whether you are someone who has experienced abuse, provided formal or informal support, or struggled with unhealthy relationship behaviours, we will work to pair you with a peer who you can connect with in person, by phone or via email to discuss issues that are relevant to your current situation and experiences.

Supporting someone experiencing or using abuse can be emotionally and mentally exhausting. This peer-based group will provide both informal and formal supporters an opportunity to talk to a Sagesse facilitator as well as other supporters. This informal setting will allow individuals to come together to discuss experiences, ask questions, and provide you with encouragement, assistance, and relief.

This six-week group program focuses on issues related to self-esteem and the importance of effective communication. In Finding Our Voices, participants share their experiences and learn from each other. Topics include self-image, shame, compassion and the significance of healthy relationships – both with ourselves and others.

A 14-week group program that delves into the experience of domestic violence. Topics range from understanding domestic violence, contextualizing experiences of trauma and shame, to creating support systems and building personal power. Facilitators are women who have experienced abuse themselves or have a specific life experience that helps them to understand abuse. We recommend participants complete the six-week Finding Our Voices program prior to registering for Growth Circle.

A 20-week peer support program for women who are or have been engaged at the intersections of domestic violence and sex work. BElieve in YOU holds the continuum of consent from choice, circumstance, to coercion at the core of its programming. We believe that involvement in sex work is unique to each individual, and engaging at the intersection of domestic violence and sex work is all about empowering women to be as safe as possible in any situation.