Our capacity-building workshops focus on educating all members of society about domestic abuse to help make us all better at recognizing, responding to, and preventing abuse.

Our workshops are developed using up-to-date research, studies, and data. That information is then infused with some personality to make sure that the content is easy to understand, memorable, and applicable to your life. Real-life scenarios and personal examples add to the educational experience to make sure that each person leaves the workshop with a deeper understanding of the personal experiences of abuse.

Our capacity-building programs include:

Education for change.

REAL Talk is a guide to help us understand and talk openly about domestic abuse in Alberta. Chances are you are close to someone impacted by domestic abuse. REAL Talk includes valuable information to teach you how to:

  • Recognize domestic abuse,
  • Empathize,
  • Ask questions and
  • Listen

REAL Talk isn’t fancy or complicated. It’s just a moment between two people. This workshop focuses on learning to break the structures of abuse with just a few words.

This capacity-building program aims to provide organizations service providers and agencies the knowledge and skills to provide safe, inclusive service to 2SLGBTQ+ individuals experiencing domestic abuse. If agencies have the knowledge, tools and capacity to identify the unique stressors and realities that impact 2SLGBTQ+ people experiencing abuse, then they will provide safe, inclusive and culturally relevant services and supports.

The program also puts learning into practice by including an organizational audit, with examination of physical space, promotional documentation and guiding policies and procedures. It also includes a one-day, specialized training workshop, designed to meet each agency’s unique needs.

ByDesign Social Enterprise

We’re all about finding the best way to do things. At ByDesign, we believe that every business, corporation, organization, and group can be better. We can help you get there. You name it. We’ll do it. Your needs can change on a dime, and our structure is such that we can meet those needs almost immediately. We pride ourselves on being versatile, innovative, fierce and flexible. Let us apply our iterative and organizational design skills to your circumstances.

We engage in peer programming, collective impact, and virtually anything else you can imagine. So far, our efforts and expertise have led to facilitating programs relating to domestic abuse, diversity and inclusion, evaluations and much more.

We are a conduit for creation. To us, revolutionary means doing something new or at least doing it a new way. We’re equipped to assist with developing, creating, and implementing materials and programs related to domestic and sexual abuse, coercive control, trauma-informed practice, innovation in non-profit management, feminist management practice, and more.