Innovation is the cornerstone of everything we do.

Sagesse believes that we have an obligation to engage in innovation to find new approaches to seemingly intractable issues. To us, innovation is a mindset. It’s about taking a close look at our current practices, acknowledging and recognizing that something needs to change and trying to change it. We do this through a rigorous research and development process, quickly adapting and testing new ideas and ways of approaching long-standing social issues.

Let's do this better.

We’re all about finding the best way to do things. Community needs can change on a dime, and our structure is such that we can meet those needs almost immediately. We pride ourselves on being versatile, fierce, and flexible. Through a combination of experience, research and experimentation, innovation has led Sagesse down a path of groundbreaking programs, audacious goals, and inspiring advocacy.

What’s at stake is enormous. We have an ethical responsibility to do everything we can to eradicate domestic, and if we always do exactly what has been done, then we will never make the progress we want and need to see.


We also offer our innovation expertise to other nonprofits and businesses through our social enterprise called ByDesign. All revenue generated here is invested in Sagesse’s programs and services that are directly helping people across Alberta to heal from domestic abuse experiences, support others who have been impacted by domestic abuse, and eradicate domestic abuse in our province.

As a social enterprise dedicated to improvement, innovation, and challenging norms, ByDesign promotes real change. ByDesign began as a way to assist non-profits and organizations with instructional design, program facilitation, and consulting services. From there, we recognized the need to expand our influence and engage in widespread capacity building, community engagement, and overall social change.

We are pioneering a new industry of innovation to help organizations and businesses expand their capacities and unlock the potential for more powerful processes. Our social enterprise arm, ByDesign, not only allows us to flex our professional skills in new ways, but also allows us to bring in additional funding to Sagesse.

Through ByDesign, we offer custom consulting services, facilitation, evaluation support, and curriculum development. Our tools will spark ground-breaking change in organizations, companies and government entities across Canada tackle complex and pervasive social issues in ways that are not only flexible and customizable but also relevant and courageous.

All revenue generated here is invested in Sagesse’s programs and services that are directly helping people across Alberta to heal from domestic abuse experiences or support others who have been impacted by domestic abuse.

Innovation takes preparation

In order to make lasting and meaningful changes, you have to understand the legacy and then let it go. You have to get comfortable with the unknown and trust the messiness. You must invest in your processes, your thought experiments and your research & development. You must accept risk mitigation over risk elimination, and you have to know your worth.

At Sagesse, we engage in all these things and more. We engage daily in the examination and dissection of our work and ourselves to find the answers we need to build something brave and different.