Eat Play Love Donations

Thank you for donating an auction, gift bag, or prize item for our Eat Play Love fundraiser.

  • The auction will be online. Bidding will close at the Eat Play Love event on November 5. 
  • If you have many smaller items, including gift cards or vouchers, they could be included in the gift bags that will be given to all guests (~125).

Sagesse works hard to disrupt the structures of domestic abuse. Your involvement in this fundraiser allows us to continue offering peer programs, informal supports for friends and family, and ongoing advocacy for the prevention of domestic abuse across Alberta. You’re investing in your community and allowing for real empowerment and change to take place.

  • Auction item to be delivered by October 1, 2023
  • In order to receive a tax receipt, an invoice is required with your donation
  • Donor Information

  • We would like to promote all donations throughout the auction. This will help us tag you in those promotions.
  • Donation Information

  • Please describe the item or service. If this is a gift card or voucher, are there any exclusions? What's included? If this is art, what is the size and materials of the item?
  • Share with us a little about you or your business. Is there anything else you want to share about your support for Sagesse's work? This information will be used in promotions and to help recognize your donation. If you/your company wish to remain anonymous, please let us know.
  • When will the item be available, and how?
  • *This is required for our records and tax receipt purposes