Sign a Petition on Coercive Control

Alongside the devastating toll of the COVID-19 pandemic, a shadow pandemic is taking place in Canada, with rates of intimate partner violence rising by up to 30 percent.

This includes coercive control, a pattern of behaviour used to regulate and dominate another person’s daily life, stripping away their freedom and sense of self. These acts are dangerous, often leading to escalating violence – including lethal violence.

In a recent report, the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights recommended Canada criminalize coercive control, giving the police and justice system a powerful tool to intervene in domestic violence cases, and victims the opportunity to be heard and protected.

Now, Committee member and Member of Parliament Randall Garrison has sponsored a parliamentary e-petition calling on the Minister of Justice to implement the Committee’s recommendations.

If this petition receives at least 500 signatures By June 13, the Government will be required to table a response.

Please join us in preventing further violence: sign the petition today, and urge your friends, family, colleagues, and neighbours to sign.

Update: The petition received 1,020 signatures from Canadians across the country. Thank you! Please watch our blog for more actions you can take in support of this measure.

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