The Government of Alberta has provided $140,000 in funding to Sagesse to implement a Provincial Collective Impact Initiative to address domestic violence across the province. The initiative will bring together a network of service providers to address shared issues, enhance services and supports across Alberta and identify opportunities for large scale change. This work will build the capacity of service providers across the province and enable Albertans affected by domestic violence to have access to high quality supports in their communities.

Sagesse recognizes that large scale social change requires broad cross-sector leadership, coordination, collaboration and engaged citizens. Working together, we can change the prevalence of domestic violence and build healthy and sustainable communities throughout the province.

Collective Impact starts with a very powerful idea – that together we can make large scale social change. By working together, with a common agenda, common purpose and common values – we can prevent domestic violence.

Backbone support is a precondition for collective impact where a backbone organization must maintain a delicate balance between the strong leadership needed to keep all parties together and the invisible ‘behind the scenes’ role that lets stakeholders own the initiative’s success.