Innovation Outside the Lab

Innovation to effect social change

When you’re confronting intractable social issues, the stakes couldn’t be higher. The difference between success and failure can mean people’s lives, and the health of our communities. Old ways of thinking and tired solutions just aren’t cutting it.

Innovation Outside the Lab will evolve your thinking on investment in and engagement with innovation and entrepreneurship as a mindset and the cornerstone of everyday practice, perspectives and thinking.

If you’re already innovating in your role, IOL will help you embed innovation in your organization’s frameworks and systems, so it lives on far into the future.

Guided by New York University’s Dr. Nir Tsuk, founder of NYU i3: Institute for Impact and Intrapreneurship, you’ll join a think tank of your peers, where you’ll experience hands-on learning which will advance your expertise with innovation theories, methodologies and techniques.

Through your participation, you will earn an Innovation and Intrapreneurship certificate from New York University.

Registration for Innovation Outside the Lab’s 2023 Summit will open in June 2023. The five-day summit will take place in October 2023 in the Calgary area.

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i3: The Institute for Impact & Intrapreneurship

Entrepreneurship – the process of creating new solutions to existing problems, and innovation – the thinking behind it – are such powerful buzzwords and concepts that they should no longer be treated as subjects, topics or fields – but rather as mindsets and languages.

We believe that this is a new form of literacy – and that speaking the language of innovation and entrepreneurship is as important today as knowing how to read, write or use a computer.

We expose people to the language, mindset and culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, while taking advantage of all that NYU has to offer in terms of content, brand and resources.

We invite participants to familiarize themselves with the key concepts, mechanisms, structures and vocabulary of innovation, focused on two key elements:

  • Intrapreneurship – the use of entrepreneurial methods, mindset and powers inside existing organizations (as opposed to creating new ones).
  • Impact – the new technologies and tools that are being used to rebalance the scales, to improve lives and the planet. Impact mixes profit and purpose, business and social reform.

The combination of these two elements captures best the spirit of innovation and enables newcomers to familiarize themselves with this new world.