Real Talk

This two-hour customized workshop is available to anyone interested in learning how to recognize domestic violence, understand its impact on an individual and the community, and develop comfort in responding to domestic violence disclosures, including providing appropriate support and referrals to services.

Rainbow Ready

This capacity building program is aimed at providing service providers and community agencies the knowledge and skills to provide safe, inclusive service to 2SLGBTQ+ individuals experiencing domestic violence. The program includes an organizational audit, with an examination of agency space, promotional documentation and guiding policies and procedures. It also includes a one-day, specialized training workshop, designed to meet each agencies unique needs.

2SLGBTQ+ is a term that is used to describe 2SLGBTTIQQA+ communities. These terms include lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, transgender, intersex, queer, questioning, 2-spirited, asexual/allies. The plus denotes the diverse and ever evolving terminology utilized to define or describe 2SLGBTQ+ populations.