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2024 Innovation Outside the Lab Summit
March 11-15, 2024

Sagesse, an innovation-focused domestic abuse organization, has partnered with New York University’s Institute for Impact and Intrapreneurship (NYU i³) to offer Innovation Outside the Lab (IOL).

Innovation Outside the Lab brings civil society leaders together to engage in new ways of thinking and working to address intractable social challenges.

During the IOL Summit, you’ll become grounded in innovation theory and practice and then work through how it can be applied to transform your organization and sector.

At the end, you’ll earn an Innovation and Intrapreneurship certificate from New York University, guided by Dr. Nir Tsuk, founder of NYU i³: Institute for Impact and Intrapreneurship.

Step away from the everyday and into a curated innovation space.

Hosted in beautiful Banff, Alberta, IOL is designed to take you away from your to-do list to focus on creative thinking and solutions. Each day of the IOL Summit includes time for you to think through innovation ideas with a partner, or on your own. The flexible curriculum schedule will provide opportunities to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Banff, build new connections and relationships and develop actionable plans for your organization.

Make innovation an everyday practice with hands-on learning.

Each day of the Summit you will be grounded in innovation concepts and practice, led by civil society thought leaders. Relevant case studies will demonstrate innovation in action, inspiring your own innovation journey. Then, you be provided practical tools and activities to implement innovation concepts, like design thinking, scamper and lean canvas.

Find new energy to transform your organization.

At IOL you’ll connect with leaders who’ve found success — or overcome failures — by doing things differently. They’ll provide a safe forum to share your most challenging efforts and ideas, and your hardest lessons. IOL will guide you through creating a culture of innovation in your organization that will yield results for years to come. 

The Innovation Outside the Lab Experience

In a survey of Innovation Outside the Lab Summit 2022 participants, 100 percent said they would recommend this program to a friend. Here’s a few things they told us: 

“It has been an experience of exploration of what is possible.”

“I feel reframed now. I think about innovation and failure, and how important it is to give myself permission to try, learn and fail.”

“I am feeling inspired and excited, reinvigorated to go back and put ideas into action.”

“I feel very connected. I appreciate the relationship and safety that has been created.”

“I relearned and unlearned things I know about innovation. I am looking at the problem from a new lens.”

i3: The Institute for Impact & Intrapreneurship

Entrepreneurship – the process of creating new solutions to existing problems, and innovation – the thinking behind it – are such powerful buzzwords and concepts that they should no longer be treated as subjects, topics or fields – but rather as mindsets and languages.

We believe that this is a new form of literacy – and that speaking the language of innovation and entrepreneurship is as important today as knowing how to read, write or use a computer.

We expose people to the language, mindset and culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, while taking advantage of all that NYU has to offer in terms of content, brand and resources.

We invite participants to familiarize themselves with the key concepts, mechanisms, structures and vocabulary of innovation, focused on two key elements:

  • Intrapreneurship – the use of entrepreneurial methods, mindset and powers inside existing organizations (as opposed to creating new ones).
  • Impact – the new technologies and tools that are being used to rebalance the scales, to improve lives and the planet. Impact mixes profit and purpose, business and social reform.

The combination of these two elements captures best the spirit of innovation and enables newcomers to familiarize themselves with this new world.