Hello? How Are You?

Connect with Sagesse on LinkedInIt’s been a while (technically more than a year; is that still classified as “a while”?) since we posted a blog… and we have a lot to talk about.

On top of the public and economic crisis, the spread of COVID-19 was a catalyst for a shadow pandemic. Across the globe, instances of violence against women increased more than 30 percent. This also continued in our own backyard. While domestic violence calls to the Calgary police may have gone down in 2020, people in lockdown with their abusers needed more — and reimagined — support.

We quickly pivoted our programming at the beginning of the pandemic to provide online peer support and workshops. We also introduced text and chat support across the Province. It was an all-hands-on-deck response, which taught us valuable lessons about innovation and made us hold strong to one of our values: Trust in the Messiness.

We’re going to share these hard-earned lessons and insights in future blogs. But we don’t want this to be one-sided; we want to hear your take and learn how you’re tackling complex social issues. Follow us on our re-vamped LinkedIn page, where we’ll be keeping the conversation going.