New online Resource Hub provides anonymous access to clear, reliable and relevant information about abuse 

Domestic abuse, intimate partner violence, emotional abuse or coercive control… we have many names for experiences that are both very common and completely unique to each person impacted by it.  

Abuse is complex and often hard to understand. But now, finding relevant and reliable information about it is a bit easier, thanks to the Domestic Abuse Resource Hub 

“Online information about abuse can be complicated, outdated and contradictory. Through the Domestic Abuse Resource Hub, you can access reliable information and resources relevant to your situation.”– Carrie McManus, Director of Innovation and Programs, Sagesse. 

The Domestic Abuse Resource Hub provides confidential access to online resources curated by professionals at Sagesse and experts from the University of Alberta.  

After answering a few simple questions, you will be given a short list of resources to help you better understand violence and abuse and support the people you care about. Resources include videos, podcasts, written materials, and links to 24-hour supports.  

The information and supports available through the Resource Hub have been reviewed by abuse survivors, social sector professionals, and experts at Sagesse. 

“Through the Hub, we can identify gaps in information and discover what we do not know about help seeking, including how people search, for what information, and in what format,” says Stephanie Montesanti, PhD, Associate Professor, School of Public Health, University of Alberta.  “If we understand how people impacted by abuse seek help, we can better support them.” 

Check out the Hub today at 

If you have questions about the Hub, or suggestions for resources, you can fill out the survey on the site, or email 

The Domestic Abuse Resource Hub was developed through the collaboration of Sagesse and the School of Public Health at the University of Alberta. The Hub is fully owned and operated by Sagesse.