Calgary Domestic Violence Collective (CDVC)

Calgary Domestic Violence Collective (CDVC) is an ecosystem comprised of over 70 social service agencies, funders and government departments, galvanized around a vision of ending domestic violence. This diverse membership has embraced the theory of ‘collective impact’ as a model to address the complexities that underpin the systems and structures that support violence.

Unlike a ‘collaborative’, a ‘collective’ focuses on high impact opportunities for change (i.e., populations vs. individuals).

CDVC’s purpose is to share knowledge and influence norms, practices, programs and policies related to domestic violence prevention. This is supported through the following actions:

  • Leveraging the relationships and resources of our membership to identify and support opportunities that enhance the well-being of individuals and populations.
  • Developing the capacity of professionals and allied professionals to be adaptive and apply research and knowledge to more effectively address domestic violence.
  • Informing and influencing formal and informal systems about preventive norms, practices, programs and policies.
  • Ensuring a collaborative and coordinated community response to domestic violence in Calgary.

The three focus areas for 2017-2018 are:

  1. Coordination along the service spectrum
  2. Ethno-Culturally Diverse Communities
  3. Men and Boys addressing structural violence.

Backbone: Infrastructure for Community Change

Creating and managing collective impact requires an organization and staff with a specific set of skills to serve as the backbone for the entire initiative. In 2016, Sagesse was officially given the mandate of backbone for CDVC. In this role, our job is to steward the creation of a vision and strategy for CDVC, mobilize funding, and advance policy. For more information, visit